Excellentiam Veritatis


Academia System Global Colleges saw its humble beginnings as a consultancy firm for teacher and student development in 2018. The firm then broadened its services through accepting research consultancies and other research related activities. The big break for the firm happened in April 2019, when the founder, Dr. Ferdinand Yap Tomakin, decided to transform the consultancy firm into a company with multi-services, now known as Academia Research, Training, and Review Center. With an initial enrollment of more than 200 students, the company started offering review classes to prepare up-and-coming teachers for the LET (Licensure Exam for Teachers). In its first stint as a review center, the center was met with resounding success, as more than 75% of its reviewees passed the licensure exam in the September 2019 Licensure Examination for Teachers.

Moved by the enormous success of the center, the founder then finally decided to build a school that is grounded on the philosophy that education should be a right, and not a privilege.

The school complied all the requirements of DepEd in August 2019, and was finally given the permit to operate in November 2019, after months of continuous school inspections and interviews. After the school got the green light to operate, the founder forged partnerships and collaborations with different public and private schools, businesses, and establishments to further the development of the school’s ties with the community.


In February 2020, the school launched its massive career-guidance programs to various schools. Students and parents who were enamored and who believed in the school’s philosophy flooded the school in its first day of enrollment. Since then, the school has set its mission to take less privileged students under the school’s guidance and propel them to greater heights, while at the same time not placing any financial burden on the students.

The school is also bent on constantly conducting outreach activities, to continue building partnerships and linkages with the greater community.

Far and wide, the school will continue to grow around its principle and philosophy, and believes in a future that education will be a fundamental right to all.