ASGC (20)

Mr. Christopher Cabañog, ASGC’s New Principal

Mr. Christopher I. Cabañog finished his Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Biological Science at Cebu Normal University in 2015 where he graduated Cum Laude. Throughout college, he was a recipient of PLDT-SMART Foundation’s Gabay Guro Scholarship and Compassion International’s Child Development Sponsorship Project. Fresh from university, he immediately applied as an ESL teacher where he became the top trainee during the academy’s training camp while also reviewing for the board exam. His hard work paid off when he ranked 9th place during the Licensure Examination for Teachers in September 2015. This gave him an opportunity to becoming a sought-after LET speaker.  He has lectured at a number of review centers in Cebu, including CNU-FAI Review Center, and in different parts of Negros. He taught Biology and Quantitative Research at the senior high school and junior high school levels at St. Joseph’s Academy – Mandaue for S.Y. 2016-2017. He later continued his teaching career at Asian College of Technology – International Educational Foundation where he taught Biology and Quantitative Research to STEM students and other core subjects in senior high school. During his time at ACT-IEF, he spearheaded the school’s annual research congress where he advised/co-authored publishable student research papers, and acted as an adviser for the school’s Red Cross Youth. He also served as the Math and Science Department Coordinator for S.Y. 2018-2019 and has been consistently part of the school’s Most Evaluated Teacher based on student evaluation for three consecutive years. He has completed his academic requirements for his Master of Science in Environmental Biology at Cebu Normal University and is currently writing his master’s thesis on Urban Biodiversity. He is known to be a teacher who seeks to develop empathy, creativity, and critical thinking skills among his students still continues to inspire them and others through his blog

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